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Audio recorder in USB EXCLUSIVE MEMOQ MQ-U350

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Voice recorder in USB EXCLUSIVE II MQ-U350


The MemoQ MQ-U350 Voice Recorder is a compact, discreet audio recorder that looks and works like a normal USB flash drive. You can plug it into your computer or carry it around in your pocket and no one will know that you’re recording audio. It captures voices clearly within a 30-foot radius, making it easy to record lectures, meetings, and interviews at the office or live events on the go. Record crystal clear audio at a moment’s notice with the MemoQ MQ-U350 Voice Recorder.The MemoQ lets you record perfectly clear audio in any setting without bringing attention to yourself. As a fully functional USB flash drive, you can leave it plugged into your computer and nothing will look out of place. You also can attach it to a keychain or keep it in your bag if you want to keep the device out of sight. Just 2.7 inches long, the MemoQ is easy to hide no matter where you go. The MemoQ MQ-U350 Voice Recorder comes with 8GB of storage, so you can record up to 288 hours or 12 days worth of audio. If you go to a convention for work, you might be stuck in meetings all day long. With the MemoQ, you can record for days on end without having to transfer the files. This audio recorder will also stamp the time and date on all of your files. This helps you stay organized when you go through your recordings. You’ll know exactly when everything took place, helping you keep track of your busy schedule. If you come across an important moment, you’ll have the time and date right in front of you.

The MemoQ also comes with voice activation, which means that the device will start recording automatically as soon as someone starts speaking. You can leave the recorder in a room and you’ll always catch the important moments. You don’t have to worry about listening to hours of useless audio. Voice activation also saves on battery life by going into sleep mode when there’s no sound detected in the room. Compact and covert, the MemoQ makes it easy to capture clear audio in any location. You can keep the device with you at all times for around-the-clock recording. Stay on top of the important moments in your life with the MemoQ MQ-U350 Voice Recorder.
 Voice activation and continuous recording
2 recording modes - continuous recording - 24 hour battery life and voice detection mode in which the recorder can last up to an incredible 25 days per charge!
 Time / Date Stamp (Windows only)
It comes with a software program to set the time / date on your recordings.
 Recording while charging + 25 days Standby
Use the built-in battery as a power source or connect to any USB power source for unlimited recording.
 New elegant design
It looks like an ordinary flash drive with a more refined look.
 288 hours recording capacity
There's no need to worry about running out of space, this recorder is able to hold recordings for days!
 8GB memory
Double memory as in previous version.
 HD sound quality
The files are stored in MP3 format and can be played in any audio program, including iTunes or Windows Media Player.
 MAC and Windows
It works on any Mac or Windows computer. Just plug in and act as a USB storage device.


  • Memory: Internal memory 8 GB / 16 GB
  • Recording time: 288 hours / 576 hours
  • Recording quality: HD MP3
  • Voice activation mode: Yes
  • Record format: MP3
  • Charging time: 2 hodiny
  • Charging / PC connection: USB
  • Fully charged battery: 24 hoours (non stop) or 25 days (standby)
  • Start / Stop Recording: Slide switch
  • Support system: Windows/Mac
Package contens:
1 x USB recorder
1 x User manual

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